To use, upload a .dnd4e file from a recent export of your character from the DDI Character Builder. It works best in Firefox, once you have it set up to print background images and suppress headers. It also seems to work in Chrome, but Chrome has a bug when printing that it doesn't use columns for the first page.

Before printing, set your margins to a very small amount and disable the headers and footers in Firefox. You can click on a power card to disable it from printing.
This is a character sheet generator for D&D 4th edition. It is a home brew project that I wrote because my computer was having difficulty printing the characters from Wizard of the Coast's character builder. My goal was to make an easy way to print out character sheets that are focused on playing the game. We have Wizard of the Coast's Character Builder for managing our characters, and it does a great job, and my tool does not try to replicate that aspect.

There are two parts of the sheet.

  1. A single page reference that shows the racial and class features as well as the feats that you have chosen. This is intended to be a reference of information that is only occasionally needed while you are playing.
  2. A series of playing cards. These include
    1. Stat Card
    2. Skills Card
    3. Items Card
    4. Power Cards

Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments, or enhancement requests, you can send me a message via the EnWorld web site. My username is divide0. Suggestions for a name for this tool are especially welcome.

Mentions from Users

  1. Another EnWorld user OnlineDM has blogged about this tool, giving good tips about how to best configure Firefox for printing.
  2. Here, nothe gives users a tip on how to set margins for printing on a Mac.